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What can I expect from each phase of Maple?

Phase 1 - Virtual Webinars

Phase 1 will be taking place virtually over the course of 6-8 weeks. Over these few months, your company will be going through online programming which includes a series of speakers ' webinars that is mandatory to attend. During this phase you will be learning about these topics: 

  • Introduction to Maple Program
  • Incorporation and IP
  • Immigration into Canada
  • Accounting in Canada
  • Canadian Grants and Opportunities
  • Real Estate and the Vancouver Rental Market
  • Banking in Canada
  • Roadmap Preparation for Phase 2/Wrap-Up

Phase 2 - Roadmapping

Phase 2 can take anywhere from 4-12 months, those that want to continue their company's move to Canada will be continuing to work alongside Launch Academy to create their roadmap, incorporate their company, plan their immigration route and then making the move to Canada. Phase 2 should be completed in either January, May, or September in which Phase 3 will begin. 

Phase 3 – Landing Pad

Once you have received your work permit, and are in Vancouver, you will spend the next 4 months with us to prepare your company for the Canadian market. Phase 3 must be done in a consecutive manner, with office space for up to 5 members. During this final phase, Launch Academy will be helping companies get acclimated to the Canadian climate and to help them rebuild their business network. This final program will be composed of workshops, networking events and office hours with our network of mentors in Vancouver. 

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