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What kind of factors are used to evaluate my application?

Unlike other programs, Launch Academy does not take in equity in the company, and our evaluation is focused on four key aspects, shown below in descending order of priority:

  1. Why does [the business] want to move to Canada? There must be proof of a valid business related reason for the move.
  2. Would [the applicant(s)] be an asset to Canada? Would your skillset be relevant to furthering innovation in Canada, and contribute to exciting new businesses?
  3. Would [the business] be an asset to Canada? Is the business something that is relevant and viable in Canada? Is there a track record or proof that the business can be sustainable and grow to create jobs in Canada?
  4. Is your business in one of the areas that emerging technical areas that Launch Academy is looking to work with? The areas include Artificial Intelligence, VR/AR/MR, Blockchain, Financial Services, Data Science, Quantum Computing, Health Tech, CyberSecurity, and SaaS.
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