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What is the Maple Program?

The Maple Program is created to aid international companies in their growth and expansion to Canada and North America through providing a landing pad with resources, mentorship, networking, and business matchmaking to overcome the challenges that occur when moving your business and family to Canada. The program is designed to work with those going through the Canadian Start-up Visa Program process. 


The Maple Program is broken up into 3 separate phases and takes about an aggregate span of 6-12 months to complete. If you have been accepted into our Maple Program, you will be offered the following to help your company's transition to the Canadian Market:  

  • Private workshops on immigration, incorporation in Canada, transferring IP to Canada, accounting and tax implications, and more
  • Lifestyle and landing pad support for your team members and families, including banking, insurance, and housing info
  • Office hours with some of the brightest minds in Startups
  • 1 on 1 mentorship with a dedicated lead mentor assigned based on your business needs
  • Business matchmaking for your company's needs
  • 4 months of dedicated space for up to 5 team members at Launch Academy, Vancouver's leading startup hub
  • Exclusive invitations to CxO Summits, gatherings of high level executives from the best startups in North America
  • 2 tickets to Traction Conference - North America's Leading Growth Conference

If you have succesfully completed the Maple Program, you will have received a Letter of Support which indicates Launch Academy's support to bring your company to Vancouver, Canada and you will be qualified to apply for your Permanent Residency during the last phase of the program. 

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