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How does the Maple Program work?

The Maple Program is broken down into three separate phases of the program. Launch Academy understands the difficulties of moving a company to another country and market so we have designed this program to help founders and their teams understand the logistics, expectations, process and other important information that will ensure your transition is as smooth as possible.

Each phase is uniquely designed to provide a thorough step-by-step process.


Phase 1 will consist of a series of webinars, office hours and additional course content in which your company is expected to actively participate in virtually. Each week there will be a webinar hosted by one of Launch Academy’s partners, these include an immigration lawyer, an accounting firm, bank representatives, a real-estate agent and so on. Each speaker will be presenting valuable information for each of their specialties that are curated to provide you and your team the information you’ll need to succesfully transition your company to the Canada. 


Phase 2 will be more task-based as you will be required to meet certain checkpoints such as incorporating your company as a BC entity, working on your immigration application process, and eventually submitting your Maple Roadmap. There will also be an online course available to walk you through each of the required checkpoints as well as several questionnaires that you will need to fill out prior to receiving approval to move forward to Phase 3 as well as additional additional webinars such as pitch workshops or different available Canadian grants. 


The Maple Roadmap is designed to outline your plans such as when you will be landing in Vancouver, who will be coming with you, submitting your required documentation, and etc. Once you have succesfully submitted your Roadmap and it has been approved by Launch Academy, you will then be issued a Letter of Support in which you and your co-founders will use to apply for a Work Visa. Upon receipt of your Work Visa, the final phase will be on-site programming at Launch Academy's Vancouver office for four months.


Phase 3 begins in either January, May or September and this will require your essential team members to arrive in Vancouver, Canada to participate in the remainder of the Maple Program. You will be receiving direct acess to our network of companies, mentors, resources as well as enjoying other perks such as community events, discounted tickets, promotions and other benefits as well as free access to one of the largest North American Tech Conferences, the Traction Conference.


For further detailed information about each phase of the Maple Program, please review our other FAQ sections. Please also note that there will be time between each phase in which you can decide to drop out of the Maple Program as you are not required to fully commit to all phases of the program upon enrollment.

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