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What can I expect from each phase of Maple?

Phase 1 - Virtual Webinars

Phase 1 will be taking place virtually over the course of 5-6 weeks. The goal at the end of this phase is to create a roadmap that designs your course of action towards your Work Visa. The following content is prone to date changes.

Phase 2 - Landing Pad 

Phase 2 can take anywhere from 5-12 months. After Phase 1 you are expected to join our programming at Launch Academy within 12 months. Once you have received your work permit, and are in Vancouver, you will spend 4 months with us to prepare your company for the Canadian market.

Please keep in mind that Phase 2 encompasses both the preparation towards executing your Roadmap, finalizing your company plans, and receiving an approved work visa, while ALSO moving to Canada to begin incorporating your business in the Canadian market.

Phase 2 must be done in a consecutive manner, with office spaces up to 5 additional members. Phase 2 will be completed either in January, May, or September.

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