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What is the approximate time frame of the program?

The program is broken up into three phases, over an aggregate span of approximately 6 to 12 months.

Phase 1 is 5-8 weeks in nature and occurs over a series of virtual workshops and office hours.

Phase 2's duration will vary based on the company's timeline as this will be the duration in which the company will be moving to Canada. Generally this process can take anywhere from 2-8 months based on the timeframe that you and your team are abiding by. In order to succesfully complete Phase 2, there will be mandatory checkpoints that each company must accomplish and a final Roadmap that needs to be approved before moving forward to Phase 3. Based off your timeline, your company & team may be able to begin the transition to Phase 3 by the next enrollment month (January, May or September). Please note that in order to be accepted into Phase 3, the team members planning to participate in the Maple Program for the final phase will be required to apply for a Work Visa. Work Visas generally have a processing time of 8-12 weeks after submission. 

Phase 3 is the final part of our program and is our “Landing Pad” in which the company will be spending the next 4 months with us at Launch Academy in order to prepare it for the Canadian market. 




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