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How much does the Maple Program cost?

The Maple Program's starts at $33,600. The program fee is variable and can change depending on how many team members are involved in the program.

The program fee is invoiced in installments over the duration of the entire program. The installments are charged as follows:

Phase 1 (Virtual Webinars)
1st Installment: $5250 CAD (Paid prior to the start of the program)
2nd Installment: $5250 CAD (Paid upon completion of Phase 1 and acceptance into Phase 2)

Phase 2 (Roadmapping)
3rd Installment: $5250 CAD

Phase 3 (Landing Pad)

Four installments totaling: $23,100 CAD ($5775 paid at the end of each month of the phase)

Since Launch Academy is a non-profit organization, all proceeds from the Maple program are invested back into building the Canadian tech and talent ecosystem.

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